LERRN-IDRC Webinar | Forced Displacement and Health in the Context of the Pandemic: Localized Responses to COVID- 19’s Impact on Refugees, IDPs, and Communities Living in Chronic Displacement

The seventh and final webinar in the LERRN–IDRC Webinar Series on Forced Displacement focuses on forced displacement and health systems in the Global South. The webinar will examine what the experience of the COVID-19 pandemic reveals about how health systems respond to the health needs of the forcibly displaced and how social, cultural, and economic factors and power relations shape responses. Drawing on lessons from Bangladesh, Syria, and the West Bank and Gaza, it will consider how localized actors and approaches can identify areas of innovation to improve access and health outcomes for refugees, IDPs, and other forcibly displaced people.

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  • Muzna Dureid, Liaison Officer, The White Helmets.  For more information on the White Helmets, see: https://www.whitehelmets.org/en/
  • Weeam Hammoudeh, Assistant Professor, Institute of Community and Public Health, Birzeit University.
  • Sabina F. Rashid, Dean & Professor, BRAC School of Public Health, BRAC University.


To read the World Refugee Day blog by Roula El-Rifai and James Milner, Click Here. Please feel free to join the conversation on Twitter by tagging @lerrning and using the hashtag #HealthForAll This critical need to foreground work in decency and respect is central to the IDRC call for proposals for research chairs on forced displacement in the Middle East and East Africa.