Water in Islam & The Aqueducts of Sinan

The Islamic History Month Canada Talk will examine the phenomenon of water and its role in the Islamic tradition, including three women who were stewards of water in Mecca (an Egyptian, an Iraqi and an Ottoman). The slide-talk will tour the Aqueducts designed by Sinan, Chief Architect of the Sublime State (The Ottoman Empire), concluding with a Sinan bridge that is intended, on occasion, to let water flow over it, encapsulating the Muslim’s relationship with nature: one of stewardship and not ownership.

The talk will accompany a Calligraphy Exhibition titled “Water by Sinan” by the speaker, a protégé of Master Calligrapher David Horsburgh and Master Builder Hassan Fathy.

Saturday, October 21 • 2 – 6 pm (Talk at 2 pm)
Talk & Calligraphy Exhibition at The Chamber & Atrium
Ben Franklin Place (Centrepointe)

Please RSVP to: canada@diyanet.ca

Note: this is not a LLeaP event and we cannot answer any questions you might have.

  1. Masud Taj, Affiliate Faculty: Carleton Centre for the Study of Islam, has delivered lectures on topics of Muslim Civilization at Carleton University. He visited Sinan’s Aqueducts while on a round-the-world lecture tour, holding thirteen events that included his calligraphy and poetry. He features in the Capital Educators Award winners wall at Carleton University as an Adjunct Professor at Azrieli School of Architecture & Urbanism.