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Online Training

Free Technical Training

Connected Canadians offers free one-on-one technical training and support for older adults, by appointment. We recommend signing up for help, or calling 613-699-7896 (toll free: 1-877-304-5813) before taking an online LLeaP series.

LLeaP Learn Training

LLeaP Learn is used to host session registrations, distribute event materials, and connect participants to online offerings on Zoom.

Visit our LLeaP Learn Guide for instructions and troubleshooting help.

Zoom Training

LLeaP hosts its online offerings through the Zoom video conferencing platform.

Online Troubleshooting

Email Delivery Issues

If you have a Bell/Sympatico or Rogers/Yahoo email address and think you may not be receiving our emails, visit this page for possible solutions.

Zoom Issues

LLeaP Tech Help Request Form