Thank you to everyone who attended the LLeaP Participant Appreciation event on February 1!

It was a lovely afternoon, with the opportunity to meet so many of our LLeaP participants in person and hear about your experiences with the program. There were 87 LLeaP participants in the room and many others from Carleton University including the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Science, Dr. Anne Bowker, a strong supporter of the LLeaP program.

Thank you to our speakers Emily Jones-Joanisse and Ken Roy from Connected Canadians who let us know about their program and huge goal of offering all Canadian seniors access to free technology training and support. We are happy to be working with this organization.

Thank you to Lacey Thompson and Tom Sherwood from Carleton University and Wellness programs with information about fitness programs and the Senior Raven’s membership to Carleton Athletics.

Thank you for all your questions for our presenters. With your high level of engagement, I can easily see why our lecturers love teaching LLeaP participants.

Thanks to the LLeaP team of Stephanie Lawrence Howard, Sam Kwok, Alison Lebrun-Ellerton  and Chanel Lorena for their vision and hard work in making this event so special!

I’m looking forward to more community events in the future. And remember, we have two new offerings for our Winter session – Crime, Law, and Politics in Canada and The Agriculture of the Future. More announcements for our Early Spring session are coming soon!

Participants watching CU Wellness presentation Participants watching Connected Canadians presentation Participants watching a presentation by Tom Sherwood