Early Spring 2023 (March 13 to April 28): Registration is now closed.

The Early Spring session consists of eight six-week lecture series. For full details about each offering (dates, times, descriptions, lecturer biography, etc.), please visit our Early Spring 2023 Session page.

  • Physics Around Us with Dr. Andrew Robinson
  • Six Mathematical Results with Profound Impact  with Dr. Kevin Cheung 
  •  Exploring the World of Creativity with Adrian Cho 
  • African American Music of the 1940s-1970s: Blues, R&B, Soul and Funk with Keith McCuaig
  • Film Music: The Sounds of Hollywood with Keith McCuaig CANCELLED
  • The History of Disability with Dr. Christine Chisholm CANCELLED
  • Famous Artists of the Italian Renaissance with Adriane Aboud 
  •  A Walk Through Canadian Art at the National Gallery with Angela Marcus 
  • People, Places, Myths and Symbols at the National Gallery with Maria Martin (MORNING)
  • People, Places, Myths and Symbols at the National Gallery with Maria Martin (AFTERNOON)

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