About the Project

The objective of this project is to explore the use of board games as a tool for language learning.

Board games offer a fun and engaging opportunity for language learners who are interested in practicing their language in action. Games come with rules, specific vocabulary and a limited set of possibilities. They also come with a healthy sense of competition (or collaboration). All of which create a compelling case for including them in students’ language learning experiences. Also, the Carleton Library has a collection of more than 200 games! The successful candidate for this position will be responsible for researching board games that are particularly useful in language acquisition and developing the following:

  • a list of games suitable for language learning (sorted by level, theme, and language skill)
  • vocabulary cheat sheets for selected game listing words and phrases required to play each game (we will find people to translate into other languages)

About the Organizer

Hi! My name is Jessy, I’m the LLRC’s Board Game Specialist, and I LOVE languages. New languages, for me, are a pathway to new friends, cultures, adventures, and funny mishaps. I also really love board games. Sitting down with my friends and just playing something new with reckless abandon really strikes a chord with me. Basically, I knew I had to apply when I saw this job posting.

Being the Board Game Specialist really is quite an interesting role: I get to take on this exciting new project that deals with two things that I love and try to mix them into an ideal concoction for language learning. The point of the project answers a simple question: How can board games help language learners learn? I’m very excited to do more research and figure out answers. Let’s make the LLRC into a lively place where people can practice their language in and have fun!

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