Carleton University acknowledges the location of its campus on the traditional, unceded territories of the Algonquin Nation. The College of the Humanities also acknowledges the Kinàmàgawin Final Report and we are committed to working on responding to the Calls to Action.

Welcome to the Program in Medieval and Early-Modern Studies at Carleton University. We are devoted to the history, thought, and artistic expression of the cultures emerging around the Mediterranean in the aftermath of the Roman Empire. With expertise ranging from Byzantine Archaeology to Qur’anic Studies to Old English Literature, our faculty members are committed to teaching and researching the Global Middle Ages and Early Modernity between approximately 300 and 1650 CE.

Our students follow an interdisciplinary program centred around two core courses and have the freedom to pursue their own interests in a wide range of electives. Our students are engaging in original research on the medieval and early modern material collected in the Archive and Research Collection at Carleton University, including cataloguing and digitizing two fifteenth-century liturgical manuscripts.

Get involved with our active student society passionate about the Middle Ages.