MEMS-related Electives Offered 2020-21

* Please note: Professor Calkin, the Coordinator of the MEMS Minor, will approve any of these electives to count towards the MEMS Minor in 2020-21 if the course number is not already on the approved electives list (see program requirements page to check). Any requests to approve courses listed here, or language credits, or other courses for the minor, can be sent to

Fall Term 2020:


ARTH 1100 A: Art and Society: Prehistory to Renaissance (Prof. M. Currie)

ARTH 1200 A: History and Theory of Architecture I (Prof. P. Coffman)

ARTH 2300 A: Italian Renaissance Art (Prof. R. Klebanoff)

ARTH 2310 A: Architecture of the Early Modern World, 1400-1750 (Prof. G. Kale)

ARTH 4107 A: Islamic Architecture and Art (Prof. G. Kale)
Topic: Intersections Between Islamic Architecture, Art, and Science (Ottoman Empire)


ENGL 2301 A: Literatures and Cultures 500-1500 (Prof. S. Bly Calkin)

ENGL 2302 A: Literatures and Cultures 1500-1700 (Prof. A. Wallace)

ENGL 3305 A: Shakespeare and the Stage (Prof. D. Beecher)

ENGL 3401 A/DIGH 3001 A: The Book in the Digital Age (Prof. M. White)

ENGL 4301 A / ENGL 5303 F: Studies in Renaissance Literature (Prof. D. Beecher)
Topic : John Milton’s Paradise Lost


FYSM 1405 D: Turning Points in History (Prof. M. Saurette)
NB: This is a 1.0 credit, full-year course
Topic: The Making of the Middle Ages

HIST 2000 A: Medieval Europe (Profs. M. Saurette and S. Keeshan)
NB: This is a 1.0 credit, full-year course

HIST 2204 A: Early Modern Europe (Prof. J. Dyck)

HIST 2706 A: Ancient and Pre-Colonial Africa (Prof. M. Ali)

HIST 4100 A: Seminar in Early Modern European History (Prof. R. Phillips)
NB: This is a 1.0 credit, full-year course
Topic: Living, loving, and dying in Europe 1500-1800

HIST 4101 A: Early Modern European History (Prof. D. Dean)
Topic: Witchcraft in Early Modern Europe


MUSI 3400: Opera Before 1800 (Prof. A. Luko)


RELI 2330: The Qu’ran (Prof. A. Geissinger)

RELI 2350: Classical Islamic Thought (Prof. M. Rustom)



 ARTH 2107 B: Islamic Architecture and Art (Prof. M. Currie)

ARTH 2202 B: Medieval Architecture and Art (Prof. P. Coffman)

ARTH 3809 C: A Closer Look at Art and Visual Culture (Prof. M. Currie)
Topic: Bernini and the Roman Baroque


ENGL 2301 B: Literatures and Cultures 500-1500 (Prof. A. Wallace)

ENGL 2302 B: Literatures and Cultures 1500-1700 (Prof. G. Williams)

 ENGL 3200 A: Medieval Literature: King Arthur (Prof. S. Calkin)

ENGL 4115 D: Culture and The Text: Book Arts Workshop (Prof. R. Norris)

ENGL 4208 A: Studies in Medieval Literature (Prof. S. Calkin)
Topic: Translation and Multilingualism in Late Medieval England

ENGL 4301 B / HUMS 4902 A: Studies in Renaissance Literature (Prof. M. White)
Topic: Tudor Queens


HIST 3006 A: Medieval Religious Life (Prof. M. Saurette)

HIST 3704 A: Aztecs (Prof. S. Lipsett-Rivera)

HIST 3902 C: Topics in European History (Prof. P. Fitzgerald)
Topic: The Politics of Religious Conflict in Europe, 1559-1609

HIST 3907 A: Transnational Topic (Prof. L. Jones)
Topic: Cultural History of Disease

HIST 4704 A: The Inquisition (Prof. S. Lipsett-Rivera)


 HUMS 4901 B : Dante’s Divine Comedy (Prof. E. Stephenson)


RELI 2310 A: Islam (Prof. A. Geissinger)