Reading your Carleton mail directly on your Mac using an email program is easy and more convenient than logging onto a website to access your mail. You have a choice of email programs to use, viz:

  • The Mac’s free, built-in email program, or
  • The commercial Microsoft Outlook email program, included in the Microsoft Office 2011 suite, along with Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Faculty/Staff Instructions—Microsoft Outlook

All faculty and staff receive a Carleton Outlook/Exchange email account, and for the majority, MS Office 2011 is the recommended option for reading their Carleton email, as:

  • The MicroSoft Office 2011 suite, which includes Microsoft Outlook, is available to all Staff (or equivalent) and Faculty.
  • Microsoft Outlook for the Mac provides access to all the features of the Outlook/Exchange calendar—e.g. booking appointments with staff/faculty, as well as many meeting rooms on-campus.

Configuration of Microsoft Outlook

  • Install MS Office 2011 for Mac (available from Hardware Services for a small distribution fee).
  • Apply any updates: Open Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, and check for Updates: Help > Check for Updates
  • Launch Microsoft Outlook for Mac
  • Enter your Account Description, Full name, E-mail address, Authentication Method, User name and password:
    • Account description: Carleton Exchange ← whatever description is meaningful to you
    • Full name: e.g. Jane Doe
    • E-mail address: e.g. ← Note: no spaces, and the @cunet in the address
    • Method: User Name and Password ← This is the default pop-up choice
    • Username: CUNET\janedoe ← i.e. CUNET\your MyCarletonOne-userid
    • Password: Your MyCarletonOne password
      Image of MS Outlook configuration showing sample address, userid, and password entry

Student Instructions—

Everyone taking a course at Carleton receives a student email account. The Carleton Student email account aka Cmail, can easily be configured to work with the Mac’s built-in email program, included with every Mac.

Configuration of

  • Apple menu > System Preferences… > Mail, Contacts & Calendars > Microsoft Exchange
  • Enter your Name, Email Address, and password:
    • Name: Jane Doe
    • Email Address: ← i.e. your
    • Password: Your MyCarletonOne password
      Image of configuration for showing address and password entry