The iTeam is a volunteer employee-initiative, which works with ITS and MoibleServices, to bring together members of the Carleton community who use iPhones & iPads on campus. We maintain this How-To library, and offer custom workshops to your department or faculty, on request:

  1. Determine which version of IOS, which iPad, & which iPhone you have
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  2. Reset or restart your iPhone, iPad
  3. Name your device, secure with a passcode, set up Find My IPhone
  4. Configure Carleton‘s WiFi, VPN (more), email: staff/faculty, studentsW-drives (more)
  5. Read books on your iPad/iPhone (or iPad/iPhone manuals)
  6. Type notes in iOS Notes app (Use iCloud sync to access from any PC/Mac)
  7. Read and Edit MicroSoft Office file
  8. Handwrite Notes
  9. Print from your iPad/iPhone
  10. Backup using iCloud
  11. Update iOS (more)
  12. Connect a projector to your iPad/iPhone
  13. Share your PC/Mac screen to your iPad (RDP/VNC client for iPad)
  14. More Apps
 Additional Notes:
7. Editing MicroSoft Office Files
    iOS has built-in support to display MS Office files — Powerpoint, Word, Excel — you do not need to buy a 3rd-party App! The fidelity of an Office file being displayed will depend on its complexity. If the built-in iOS MS Office viewer is not adequate, additional options include Microsoft’s own  ExcelPowerPoint, and Word for iPad apps.
    …but to Edit MS Office files you do need to install a 3rd-party app. Microsoft provides free ExcelPowerPoint, and Word for iPad apps.
  • PS. Mac-based iPad owners, who are already using Apple’s Office suite (Pages, Numbers, Keynote), will find the iPad equivalents — PagesNumbersKeynote apps — not only can edit MS Office files, but will also integrate well with their OS X counterparts. See Also: Using your iPhone to control Keynote on your Mac
8. Handwritten Notetaking
Both these suggested apps require a stylus and a learning-curve commitment. Neither does OCR, but they will let you email, transfer to the cloud service of your choice, or share your handwritten notes and sketches as PDFs.

  • Notability  ←  less daunting user interface (UI) than NoteTaker HD (See also April 23 2013 session)
    Note: Notability can convert MS Office files to PDF format, over which hand-written markup can be added.
  • NoteTaker HD  ←  more features than Notability, but steeper learning-curve
14. Find Still More Recommended Apps
  • Fun apps from the iTeam’s MacOdrum Library Staff day workshop
  • Healthy apps from the iTeam’s Healthy Workplace workshop
  • Uniconsole App: Insert emoticons & special characters into your tweets and emails
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