1. Corporate Plan
    1. Existing Plans
    2. Full-Time Continuing Staff
    3. Non Full-Time Continuing Staff

Corporate Plan

Carleton University has an established Corporate Plan which provides excellent features at a discounted cost. All faculty and staff who have a mobile device provided to them by the university are required to use this plan. Details can be found here: https://i.carleton.ca/its/CorporatePlan

It is prohibited for a university department or employee to create unique accounts.  All accounts must be created via the ITS Service Desk.

Corporate mobile devices are typically provided to full-time faculty and staff that perform one or more of the various functions:

  • Support mission-critical systems
  • Have travel responsibilities
  • Require on-campus mobility
  • Manage operational staff

Personal Plan

Carleton University is not responsible for the phone or any of the costs that are incurred with an individual/personal plan.

Effective at the time of publication of the Mobility Policy, Carleton University will no longer pay for or provide subsidy to NEW personal plans for full-time continuing faculty and staff. Please speak to your administrator, manager or director about getting on the Corporate Plan.

As indicated in the policy, Carleton University will provide subsidy to personal plans for part-time and term employees only.

Device Hardware Options

The ITS Mobile Services website lists the devices that are currently available.


This website is updated to reflect the changes to the current mobile device market.

The phone and the cost associated to the university department is provided. Costs associated to any particular phone or device are the responsibility of the university department. The university department reserves the right to reject the choice of phone or device and downgrade the device choice if deemed appropriate or necessary.

Please note that only those devices in the list are eligible for procurement or upgrade. The device is owned and managed by Carleton University.

Responsibility and Care of Device

The device that has been provided to you is an expensive productivity tool.  By taking possession of the corporate device you agree to exercise care and responsibility of the device. You are responsible for the acceptable use of the device, and the physical care of the device, including the use of an approved case for the mobile device. Please speak to your department head to procure an approved case for your mobile device.

Long Distance and International Texting

Faculty and Staff who will incur substantial long distance charges on a regular basis must contact ITS Service Desk in advance to discuss cost saving add-ons to their device to ensure the costs associated are reasonable and managed. Costs incurred without an appropriate add-on package may be charged back to the individual. Please refer to the Corporate Plan details found here https://i.carleton.ca/its/CorporatePlan as well as frequently asked questions (FAQ) that relate to long distance and international texting.

Travel Policy

The use of your mobile device outside of Canada for phone, data, or text messages services will result in extra charges to your account.  These charges vary from country to country and are very expensive. The use of your corporate phone for ‘out of country’ use is at the discretion of your manager or direct report. Costs incurred without prior approval and an appropriate travel package (Roam like Home) will be the liability of the corporate device user.

Prior to Travel

With prior approval of your travel, and at least 5 business days prior to your travel date, you will need to verify if the Business version of “Roam like Home” is available in your travel destination by either going to the following website https://carleton.ca/mobileservices/travel-options or by contacting the ITS Service Desk.  Please note the following:

  • Roaming offers do not apply to usage on a cruise ship and airplane, or in Cuba, French Polynesia, Lebanon and Palau. When roaming in these locations, standard pay-per-use rates will apply.

Inter-Canada Roaming

This section of the policy is not related to out-of-country international travel.

In the case of coverage issues where an employee does not receive adequate service coverage, the user may turn on the roaming capabilities of their mobile device providing the use of the roaming capability accounts for no more than 50% of the total voice & data usage. Corporate device users who are concerned about going over the limit are encouraged to contact the ITS Service Desk to discuss other roaming strategies or moving their plan to an alternate approved vendor of record.

Device Loss

In the unfortunate event that a phone is lost, it is your responsibility to immediately notify the ITS Service Desk that your corporate device was lost.  ITS will take the appropriate actions to ensure the safety of the data stored on the device and to ensure the phone can no longer be used.  Please provide your full name, email address and mobile phone number of the lost device.

If your device has been lost and you are at, or past your two year device lifecycle period – you can replace your lost phone at no cost. However, if you are still within your two year lifecycle period – your department may opt to replace your phone at full cost or ‘borrow’ a phone from ITS (pending availability) until you reach your two year device lifecycle period and become eligible for a device upgrade.

Device Damage

Within the lifecycle of the device, if the device is damaged beyond repair, the device will be deemed ‘lost’. If the device is damaged to the point of repair, it will be up to the discretion of the individual department whether or not the university will repair or replace the device.

Service Cancellation

At any time, Carleton University reserves the right to cancel or deactivate a corporate device and/or the associated plan at any time.


Upon termination or resignation of an employee, the device remains the property of Carleton University and must be returned to ITS Mobility Services forthwith. The mobile phone service will be put on hold. Failure to return the phone in a reasonable time frame will result in being billed for the current market value of the phone and having the phone made unusable for use.

Egress Number Portability

In the event that your association with Carleton University ends, you would have the option of keeping your phone number providing you agree to take on the liability of the account with our current mobility provider. Please contact the ITS Service Desk to inquire about this option or consult the following Carleton Mobility Services website for more information: https://carleton.ca/mobileservices/portability

Personal Use

Carleton University permits the use of a corporate device for personal use providing it is in accordance with the Carleton University Acceptable Use Policy and any costs or surcharges associated to the personal use including, but not limited to personal long distance calls, are reimbursed to the university.

Existing Plans

Full-Time Continuing Staff

Plans already being subsidized or paid for (based on wireless account number) will be grandfathered for a maximum duration of twelve months following the initial publication date of the Mobility Policy, June 1, 2018. After the grandfathering period – all subsidization will cease and the University will no longer subsidize the costs of your personal plan(s).

Non Full-Time Continuing Staff

Part time, Continuing or Term staff who have been approved by their manager or direct report may use their personal device for work purposes and be eligible for reimbursement as detailed below.


Personal expense will be reimbursed at a rate not to exceed $58/month (plus taxes). When roaming internationally, roaming charges will be permitted up to a maximum of $42/month (plus taxes).

Requirements for reimbursement:

  • Departmental pre-approval

The following expenditures are not eligible for reimbursement:

  • Device hardware costs
  • Protective cases or accessories
  • Setup fees
  • Personal roaming, long distance and/or text messaging charges

Migration to Corporate Plan

An individual with a personal plan, at their own discretion, may transfer their account over to the university’s Corporate Plan upon approval from their administrator, manager or director. A cell phone number may be ported over to the Corporate Plan if desired (please note the procedure on eligibility and number portability below).

Simultaneous Plans

Carleton faculty and staff can have both types of plans simultaneously – a corporate device under the Corporate Plan AND a personal mobile device under their own individual plan. Carleton University will not reimburse the costs associated with the personal phone in the case where a faculty or staff member has been provided a corporate device.

New Plans

Carleton University will no longer pay for or provide subsidy to NEW personal plans for full time faculty and staff. Faculty and Staff will be required to procure a cell phone and plan from the established Corporate Plan.

Security Requirements

Carleton University has the Mobile Technology Security Policy that details the requirements for all mobile devices used for university business.  In addition to those requirements, the Mobility Policy requires that mobile devices used for university business require Mobile Device Management software be installed and operating.  This software will allow ITS to protect the mobile device, potentially locate if if lost of stolen, and securely wipe the device.

If a device is not running MDM software supported by ITS then the device is not elegible to access Carleton resources nor be reimbursed.

Device Alteration

Users are not permitted to alter Carleton owned devices through “jailbreaking” or other unauthorized modifications of the device’s operating system.

Interpretation of Policy

Questions about the interpretation of this policy and/or procedures, or its application to specific cases, should be directed to ITS for clarification.