If you are a staff or faculty member with authorization to access Banner, Carleton’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system from a PC, you can also access it from a Mac. You will need:

  • A wired, on-campus network connection. If you are on wireless or off-campus, you must use VPN first.
  • Java installed on your Mac. You can download it from Oracle: java.com
    • Run the Java installer
    • Enable Java in your browser, with the Banner INB server added to the Java exception list.
      • Open the Java OS X Preference Pane
      • From the Java Control Panel, select: Security → Enable Java content in the browser, then enter into the Exception Site List: https://banapp09.cunet.carleton.ca
  • Open a browser (e.g. Safari) connection to banner.cunet.carleton.ca

PS. 5-Oct-2016: Users of the most recent version of OS X, Sierra (OS X 10.12.x), have reported they get an error when attempting to log into Banner INB. ITS is investigating: Ticket # IM150554