Welcome to DPNet!

DPNet is an electronic mailing list that has opened communication among those with a common interest – Developmental Psychology!  It is used to share information about upcoming conferences and symposia, funding opportunities, new colleagues, and job openings.  As a networking tool, DPNet can also be useful for finding colleagues with similar research interests and for sharing ideas about teaching and research.

DPNet was conceived and administered by Jeff Bisanz, at the University of Alberta from 1996 to 2013. DPNet is currently hosted and administered by the Pickering Centre for Research in Human Development at Carleton University.  We have over 700 subscribers from across Canada and abroad, including professors, practitioners, and graduate students.

Joining DPNet
Please send an email to subscribe-dpnet@lists.carleton.ca.  You’ll receive an email requesting that you confirm your request and then again notifying you once you’ve been added to the list.  By joining DPNet you are providing explicit consent to receive emails about postings, announcements, etc.

Posting Messages to DPNet
Once a subscriber, you’ll be able to post messages directly to the entire list by sending an email to dpnet@lists.carleton.ca.  When posting, please be sure to identify yourself and to include your email address so that personal replies can be sent directly to you.  Please note that replies sent to dpnet@lists.carleton.ca will be forwarded to all members of the list-serve.
If you do not wish to become a subscriber but would like for your post to be circulated, please email it to dpnet.admin@carleton.ca.

Unsubscribing from DPNet
To remove your name and email address from DPNet, please email your request to dpnet.admin@carleton.ca or click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any Carleton-hosted DPNet email you’ve received.

Using DPNet
DPNet is an extremely useful and efficient tool for communicating with others interested in developmental psychology.  The list can be used to achieve a variety of different goals, some of which are listed below.

1. Updates on research
We can use DPNet to inform each other about our current research interests or activities.  We may find colleagues and potential collaborators, and we may elicit ideas or suggestions that would facilitate future research.  Abstracts from recent articles, in-press articles, and conference presentations might be especially informative.

2. A forum for teaching ideas
DPNet can serve as a forum for teachers of developmental psychology who want to share teaching tips, ideas for courses, evaluations of textbooks, and much more.

3. Book reviews
If you have had the opportunity to read a recent book that would be of interest to other developmental psychologists, you could record your insights and evaluations and then broadcast them to members of the network.

4. News
We can use DPNet to inform each other about job announcements, conferences and workshops, funding opportunities, and personnel changes in departments.

5. Pooling resources
How many times have you been asked questions about child development that you simply cannot answer with confidence? Local media, school board officials, members of community agencies, and students often pose such questions, and sometimes rather important decisions are involved. With DPNet, we can broadcast these questions and seek responses from people who have the appropriate expertise. By pooling our resources in this fashion, we can learn a great deal from each other and provide optimal responses to people in our local communities.

You are encouraged to contribute freely and regularly to DPNet.  If you have any questions or comments about DPNet, please send an email to dpnet.admin@carleton.ca.

We hope you use and enjoy DPNet!

The current DPNet administrator is Laura Ooi