Established in 1975, the Pickering Lecture is an annual public lecture in developmental psychology.

2023 – Dr. Louis Schmidt. Personality Development: Lessons Learned

2022 – Dr. Marlene Moretti. Adolescence from an Attachment Perspective: Implications for Youth Mental Health and Interventions

2020 – Dr. Robert Coplan. Unraveling the Paradox of Solitude in Childhood and Adolescence

2019 – Dr. Diane Poulin-Dubois. The Ontogenesis of Selective Trust

2018 – Dr. Jenny Jenkins. Cooperative Minds: The Role of the Shared Family Environment

2017 – Dr. Janet Werker. Language Acquisition in Monolingual and Bilingual Learning Infants 

2015 Debra Pepler. Developmental Research in Community Settings.

2013 – Ian Manion. Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health. Down but Not Out: Youth Depression and Suicide

2012 – Fred Genesee. Teaching and Learning in Immersion Programs: Lessons from 45 Years of Research.

2011 – Adele Diamond. Training the Brain: Improving attention and self-regulation.

2009 – Shelley Hymel. Bullying in Schools: Psychopathology? Part of growing up? Or human nature?

2008 – Robert S. Siegler. Numerical Board Games Help Children Learn Math.

2007 – Deborah Fein. Recovery in Autism: Is it possible, and what does recovery suggest?

2004 – Carol Barnes. Memory and the Aging Brain.

1990 – Ira J. Chasnoff. Cocaine and the Unborn Child: Coping after birth.

1989 – Dan Offord. Making Life Better for Kids.