Photo of Godfrey Kalenga

Godfrey Kalenga

Home Institution: Forestry and Environmental Management Department at Mzuzu University – PhD Student/adjunct Lecturer in Chemistry at Mzuzu University.


I possess BSc in Chemistry (Mzuzu University), and an MSc in Environmental Protection and Management (University of Malawi) Polytechnic. I am a PhD Student in Forestry and Environmental Management at Mzuzu University. I am a Lecturer in Environmental Management – Livingstonia University, and an adjunct Lecturer at Mzuzu University in Chemistry.

Research Interests and societal interests

My research interest is centered on the assessment of the impact of co-management of wildlife and natural resources on communities around Vwaza Marsh wildlife reserve and on the conservation of wildlife and natural resources of the reserve. Specifically in terms of social-ecological transformation around Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve. (VMWR).

Expectations as a QES Scholar during the Mobility Period

Through the QES scholar mobility period/placement period I expect to develop high quality research and analytical skills that are fundamental during the course of my PhD studies with Mzuzu University and beyond. Furthermore, from the numerous interface sessions with placement partners I expect to have an in-depth understanding of climate change as well as societal transformation in Vwaza as a result of their involvement in co-management of wildlife and natural resources. I expect to build my research leadership skills such as, journal writing and presentations. I also expect to benefit more from the library services like NVivo qualitative methods tools.

The QES Project and Advancement of your Career

The QES programmes/scholarship will help me to complete my PhD research project and this will enable me to attain the qualifications, and contribute to the knowledge in the field of environmental management. This programme will also advance my career, as it gives me the opportunity to work with- and learn from, a very diverse group of people, which would not be otherwise possible without this scholarship. I also expect it to advance my career as it connects me with other scholars with whom I may be able to collaborate in the future to conduct new research.