The Canadian Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarships (QES) aim to activate a dynamic community of young global leaders to create lasting impacts both at home and abroad through inter-cultural exchanges encompassing international education, discovery and inquiry, and professional experiences.

Carleton University has officially launched the following Queen Elizabeth Scholarship:

Program Initiatives

The objectives of the QES program are to:

  1. Develop global citizens through enriched academic, professional and cross-cultural experiences;
  2. Activate a new generation of enterprising leaders in Canada and around the world through facilitating lasting local and global community engagement; and
  3. Enhance collaborative capacity and deepen peer relationships among Queen Elizabeth Scholars to enrich the program experience and facilitate personal and professional growth.

The expected outcomes of the program are:

  1. Increased knowledge and skills through academic and professional experiences of young global leaders;
  2. Enhanced networking between Canadians and emerging global leaders; and
  3. Increased contributions to local and global communities by young leaders.

Be part of Carleton University’s continuously growing research team and partner with African Universities to cooperatively enhance society.  Apply to become a QES Scholar through one of our active programs.

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