Each applicant will be expected to select a potential mentor from the list below and describe how your research complements the research of the mentor within the application.

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Les candidates devront choisir un mentor potentiel de la liste ci-dessous et expliquer, dans le cadre de leur demande, comment leur recherche enrichira celle du mentor. Les mentorats en langue française sont indiqués.

Potential Mentors Research Interests
Aaron Nsakanda Management science and operations management; Quantitative modelling; French or English mentorship

Gestion scientifique et gestion opérationnelle ; modélisation quantitative. (Mentorat en français ou en anglais)

Aboubakar Sanogo African and Afro-diasporic cinemas; Documentary film theory; History and form; Transnational and world cinemas; Film preservation and restoration; Colonial cinema; Early and silent cinema; Film festival studies; French or English mentorship

Cinéma d’Afrique et de la diaspora africaine ; théorie des films documentaires ; histoire et forme ; cinéma transnational et mondial ; conservation et restauration de films ; cinéma colonial ; début du cinéma et cinéma muet ; étude de festivals de films. (Mentorat en français ou en anglais)

Aisha Ibrahim (Co-PI) African feminist scholar; Gender equality and social inclusion advocacy; Artisanal mining; Access to justice; Gender-based violence and disability; English mentorship
Blair Rutherford Sociology and anthropology; Politics and international development, civil society in sub-Saharan Africa; Rural livelihoods in sub-Saharan Africa; Anthropology of citizenship, gender, state, and globalization; French or English mentorship

Sociologie et anthropologie ; politique et développement international ; société civile en Afrique sub-saharienne ; vie rurale en Afrique sub-saharienne ; anthropologie de la citoyenneté, du genre, de l’État, et de la mondialisation. (Mentorat en français ou en anglais)

Christine Duff Institute of African Studies and the Department of French; Literature of French expression in Africa and the Caribbean, women’s writing, postcolonial studies; French or English mentorship

Institute of African Studies et Département de français ; littérature en langue française de l’Afrique et des Antilles ; écriture féminine ; études post-coloniales. (Mentorat en français ou en anglais)

Dana Brown Business; International business; Social entrepreneurship; English mentorship
Diane Isabelle (Co-PI) International business; International entrepreneurship; Technology & innovation management; French or English mentorship

Commerce international ; entrepreneuriat international ; gestion des technologies et de l’innovation. (Mentorat en français ou en anglais)

Doris Buss (Co-PI) Law and legal studies; Gender and global governance; Rural mining livelihoods and gender in Sub-Saharan Africa; Gender and epistemology; French or English mentorship

Droit et études juridiques ; gouvernance mondiale et genre ; travail minier et genre en région rurale en Afrique sub-saharienne ; genre et épistémologie. (Mentorat en français ou en anglais)

Edana Cassol Immunology and infectious disease; Investigating how chronic innate immune activation and dysregulated metabolism contribute to the pathogenesis of viral infections (HIV and SARS-CoV-2) and delayed wound healing; English mentorship
Farah Hosseinian Pharmaceutical science; Phytochemicals with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities; Phytochemicals with anti-stress activities; Environmentally friendly extraction techniques including microwave and supercritical CO; Agri-food byproducts and their potential as a source of nutraceutical and functional food ingredients; English mentorship
Isaac Otchere Finance; Sustainable investing; Corporate Social Responsibility; Climate change impact on financial Institutions; FDI & Host country competitiveness; Corporate Governance; Corporate board gender diversity; English mentorship
James Milner Refugees and forced migration; Peacebuilding; United Nations and global governance; Humanitarian action: English mentorship
Julie Garlen Interdisciplinary studies; Childhood; Early childhood education; Popular culture; Cultural curriculum studies; English mentorship
Monica Patterson (Co-PI) Interdisciplinary studies; Children and youth; Childhood; Memory; Violence; Racism; Public history; Museums; Collaborative curating; Community engagement; English mentorship
Natasha Artemeva (Co-PI) Linguistics and language studies; Writing studies; Applied linguistics; Education; English mentorship
Nduka Otiono (PI) Institute of African Studies; Cultural studies; Oral performance and literature in Africa; Postcolonial studies; Media and communication; Globalization and popular culture; English mentorship
Onita Basu (Co-PI) Environmental engineering; Wastewater Treatment; Biofiltration; English mentorship
Sanjeena Dang Computational Statistics; Biostatistics; Bioinformatics; Machine Learning; Clustering; Classification; High dimensional data; Microbiome data; RNAseq data; Multi-omics analysis; English mentorship
Shireen Hassim (Co-PI) Institute of African Studies; Feminist theory; Politics, social movements, and collective action; English mentorship
Shirley Mills (Co-PI) Mathematics, and statistics; Data mining; Applied statistics; English mentorship
Utkarsh Dang Health outcomes and biomarkers; Computational statistics; Biostatistics; Bioinformatics, specifically on mixture model-based clustering, health outcomes (from clinical trials, natural history studies, biomarkers), and statistical phylogenetics; English mentorship
Vivian Solana Sociology and anthropology; Political anthropology; Feminist anthropology; Postcolonial theory; Forced displacement; Humanitarianism; Gender; English mentorship