Godfrey Nkongolo


Institution: Carleton University, PhD. Candidate, Political Science

Bio sketch

Godfrey is a doctoral candidate in political science at Carleton University with extensive experience in international and community development in Tanzania. His experience has focused on the strengthening of good governance practices as well as the implementation of community development initiatives in areas which include environmental sustainability, sexual and reproductive health, and gender equity.

Research Interest and Societal Interests

Active Citizenship, Democratic Theory, Critical Development Studies, Post-Colonialism

Expectations as a QES Scholar during Mobility Period

Godfrey’s goal during the Mobility Period is to carry-out in-person research on ‘participation’ by engaging with local NGOs working on poverty reduction and climate justice in Tanzania. He looks forward to the opportunity to work through and in partnership with NM-AIST which will allow him to engage with peers and scholars at the Institute as he conducts his research, tests findings, and shares challenges and successes. He expects to contribute to the diversity of the department and strengthen the capacity of the thought community as they collectively challenge one another to think about climate issues, and citizens’ agency in new ways that are informed by different worldviews and philosophical frameworks.

The QES Project and Advancement of your Career

Following Godfrey’s research and studies he intends to return to work in Tanzania as a researcher/professor. He aspires to have the opportunity to influence development initiatives and strategies through research while also promoting new ideas to a wider audience, both students and beyond. Promoting people-centred polices that are viable, African-oriented approaches to African issues is essential to achieving long-term sustainable change and development. To these ends Godfrey is also passionate about drawing on the connections he will make during his research period in Tanzania to bring together the NGO community and academia to engage in discussions of climate justice, citizens’ agency and development for practical and sustainable impact.