Photo of Lawrence Nehemiah Mdegela

Lawrence Nehemiah Mdegela


Home Institution

Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology, Information Technology Systems Development and Management


I am an assistant lecture at the Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology (NM-AIST) and currently, on my first year of PhD in Computer Science at the university of Antwerp Belgium in collaboration with NM-AIST. My main area of research is on flood prediction using Machine Learning.

Research Interests and societal interests

Machine Learning and how it can be use to bring cutting edge solution to the problem of floods. With my current research I am expecting to come up with a machine learning prediction model that will be able to be implemented as an early warning system for flash floods.

Expectations as a QES Scholar during the Mobility Period

The global challenge posed by climate change can only be met by cross-border international collaborations. By enabling current researchers, future decision-makers, and multipliers to share knowledge, methods and techniques with specialists and colleagues from different parts of the world. With QES I am expecting to realize some of this by having a chance to meet, discuss and share some of the intriguing challenges connected with floods. With possible future collaboration I am expecting to widen my knowledge and adapt more of that passion from others who are enthusiastic about the issues surrounding climate change.

The QES Project and Advancement of your Career

First, I expect the QES project will assist with growth in terms of collaborative capabilities in research and development activities; the second is improved leadership skills which will help in many areas primarily establishing and leading some sustainable research groups at my home institution.  Furthermore, the potential connections will be a great opportunity to share more of the future research and development projects between Tanzania and Canada in general.