Photo of Maud Palm

Maud Palm

Research Scientist, Ghana Atomic Energy Commission


Home Institution

Ghana Atomic Energy Commission/ University of Ghana, Nuclear Chemistry And Environmental Research Centre/School of Nuclear and Allied Sciences, Research Scientist/ part-time lecturer


Linda is a Ghanaian Research Scientist in the area of Environmental Protection. Her work encompasses monitoring and analysis of environmental samples. Her current research is on climate change effect on harmful marine algae proliferation. Linda is involved in educational outreaches to Senior High Schools on science and technology applications. 

Research Interests and societal interests

  • Marine Environment and coastal zone management.
  • Atmospheric Environment Assessment and modelling.
  • Environmental policy and Science advice/diplomacy.
  • Educational outreach programmes to basic and high schools.

Expectations as a QES Scholar during the Mobility Period

I anticipate that during the mobility period, I will learn new ideas and concepts relating to Climate Change and Societal Transformation, acquire new skills and tools that can be applied in solving societal issues. I also expect to learn about the most effective ways of communicating with the public, issues regarding climate change and societal transformation. Additionally, my expectation is to receive mentorship from more experienced professionals in the field as well as build peer and professional networks with other Scientists. I hope to collaborate with researchers on climate change and sustainable development for future projects.

The QES Project and Advancement of your Career

The QES project will enhance my professional expertise. It will also advance my career by helping expand my professional networks for future project collaborations. By this project, I will be so much of an expert such that I can offer intellectual and professional support and /or advice to the National office concerned with climate change issues. This programme will as well improve my career by equipping me to help design and deliver a course/module to the School of Nuclear & Allied Sciences, University of Ghana.