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Theodora Aryee


Home Institution

University of Ghana, Department of Accounting, PhD Candidate


Theodora Ekua Aryee is a third year PhD Accounting student at the University of Ghana Business School. Theodora is keen on becoming a key part of the research community that contributes to the increase in knowledge on accountability issues in the area of climate change and more broadly the achievement of the sustainable development goals, to ensure holistic societal transformation.

Research Interests and societal interests

My research interests include:

  • Exploring the changing roles and identity of the accounting profession and its practices, in the face of the changes in society such as the digital revolution (social media) and the promulgation of the Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations.
  • Understanding the roles played by climate change accounting professionals, such as quantifiers (reporting), verifiers (assurance), and carbon accountants in influencing societal transformation.
  • Investigating how the use of novel technologies, such as social media can be an enabler in terms of High-quality reporting to stakeholders on climate action taken by organizations.

My societal interest is in providing food for poor migrant workers on the streets of Accra, popularly called kayayei, and also working with them to enhance their basic life skills.

Expectations as a QES Scholar during the Mobility Period

During this period, I hope to gain a deepened knowledge and hands on exposure on climate change and sustainable development issues, from the workshops, lectures, presentations, and the research placement opportunity that would be undertaken in this period.

I also hope to liaise and network with other academics (doctoral students and faculty) to engage in multi disciplinary discourse and information sharing on research in the areas of climate action, sustainable development and societal transformation.

Finally, I hope to build my academic writing, presenting and publishing skills, as I closely work with my mentors at Carleton University.

The QES Project and Advancement of your Career

As a doctoral student, the knowledge and skills gained from this program are very essential for my career advancement as a lecturer and a researcher. The QES program would specifically give me the needed tools and knowledge to further probe and draw attention to the various motivations, evolving practices, and tensions associated with ensuring accountability of the sustainable development and climate action, amidst the social media age, as it would be an essential enabler of the accounting profession to take action on climate change globally.