Photo of Theodora Thindwa

Theodora Thindwa


Home Institution

Mzuzu University, Department of Governance, Peace and Security Studies, Lecturer


Ms. Theodora Thindwa is a Lecturer at Mzuzu University’s Department of Governance, Peace and Security Studies. She holds a Master of Science in Development Studies from the University of Mauritius.  Her current research focuses on effects of climate induced stresses on livelihood security in Malawi by realising the multidimensional effects of climate change on economic, environmental and also human security.

Research Interests and societal interests

  • Emerging forms of structural violence from non traditional sources such as poverty, resource management and poor governance systems
  • How climate change further compounds the existing drivers of insecurity and what can be done to build more resilient and transformed societies
  • Security and Development

Expectations as a QES Scholar during the Mobility Period

I believe the QES program will enhance my research skills which will enable me to have clear focus for my PhD and also help me in my current role as student research coordinator for undergraduate research in my department. I believe my participation in the Queen Elizabeth scholarship (QES) will enable me to contribute to the understanding of evidence-based research in my field of security particularly in the understanding of climate change, societal transformation and security.

The QES Project and Advancement of your Career

The QES project will provide a better understanding of climate and societal transformation which will further inform my analysis of climate, peace and security issues. In addition, as a course instructor the training course will provide an avenue to further improve my pedagogical skills on climate and societal transformation thereby becoming a more knowledgeable lecturer. As a PhD student the program will assist me to achieve focus and acquire skills that will be useful in my studies.