The following should be available before starting these instructions:

  1. Assembled Raspberry PI 4
  2. Wired network
  3. USB-TTL Serial Cable
  4. MyQNX account with QNX license

Install software on development computer

  1. Download/Install QNX Software Centre
    1. Sign in to your MyQNX account here:
    2. Download the QNX Software Centre, to manage QNX software on your development host:
    3. After download, run the installer.  The install process should be typical for your operating system. On Mac running Big Sur, it might be necessary to move the installer to your desktop to allow it to run.
  2. Install QNX Momentics IDE
    1. Use the QNX Software Centre
    2. Click “Add Installation”
    3. Select QNX Momentics IDE
    4. Click Next through the installation wizard to finish installation
  3. Install QNX SDP 7.1
    1. Click “Add Installation”
    2. Select “QNX Software Development Platform 7.1”
    3. Click Next through the installation wizard to finish installation
  4. Install QNX Raspberry PI specific package
    1. Click “Manage Installations”
    2. Click “Available” tab
    3. Ensure the qnx710 SDP installation is select in the dropdown on the top-right
    4. Expand “QNX Software Development Platform”
    5. Expand “Board Support Packages”
    6. Select “QNX SDP 7.1 BSP for Raspberry PI BCM2711 R-Pi4”
    7. Click the blue Install arrow button
    8. Click Next through the installation wizard to finish installation

Install QNX on Raspberry PI

  1. Put your micro SD card into your USB SD card reader
  2. Insert USB card reader into your computer
  3. Format the SD card to a FAT32 filesystem – this will delete all existing files on your SD card!
    1. Windows: In the video, Windows asks to format the SD card.  If this does not happen, right-click on the SD card drive in Windows Explorer and select Format.  Make sure that you format using a FAT32 filesystem
    2. Mac: Open Disk Utility. Select the SD card and click Erase. Select MS-DOS(FAT) format and use Master Boot Record.
  4. Copy the QNX boot image and RPi config to the SD card
    1. Find your QNX SDP installation.  It should be in a qnx710 folder inside your computer’s user account folder
    2. Inside the qnx710 folder, open the bsp subfolder
    3. Unzip the QNX Raspberry PI zip file
    4. Go to the images/ subfolder
    5. Copy ifs-rpi4.bin to the SD card
    6. Go to the tools/sdboot_images/ subfolder
    7. Copy the config.txt file to the SD card
  5. Copy the Raspberry PI 4 firmward files to the SD card
    1. Go to
    2. Download this list of files.  Make sure to get the raw files, not the webpages containing the files:
    3. Copy the 9 downloaded files to your SD card

Connect Raspberry PI to computer

  1. Remove the SD card from the USB reader and insert it into the Raspberry PI 4
  2. Connect your TTL serial cable to the Raspberry PI
    1. I uased an Adafruit cable.  Adafruit has excellent instructions on connecting a Raspberry PI.  The instructions specific to Raspbian Linux can be ignored
    2. Follow the instructions here: