Welcome to Dr. Sadeghian’s research website

My research program has focused on the development and application of advanced simulation methods for performance assessment of reinforced concrete (RC) structures.

Today, with our aging infrastructure and environmental effects such as corrosion of steel, variation in temperature, and exposure to chemical substances which accelerate structural deterioration the need for advanced analysis and design tools is greater than ever. In addition, our infrastructure has become more vulnerable to natural and man-made hazards due to factors such as population growth, climate change, and terrorist attacks. To improve infrastructure resilience against multi-hazard events and build sustainable communities, new ways of thinking which involves multi-disciplinary methods and creative solutions are required.

The aim of my research is to develop innovative modelling procedures which are practical and computationally efficient, but remain capable of accurately modelling the response of RC under general loading conditions. These procedures will be extended to advanced research areas such as analysis of repaired structures, modern RC materials, and extreme loading conditions. The newly developed models will be verified with the state-of-the-art hybrid (experimental-numerical) simulation method which has been shown to be an effective and economical testing technique for RC structures.