Departmental Timetabling Coordinators collect Special Timetabling Arrangement (STA) information from instructors (the use of the STA data collection form is recommended, but not mandatory and the form does not need to be signed by the Chair or sent to SES). We suggest that the form is emailed to instructors; they complete the form and return it to the Departmental Timetabling Coordinator.

When an instructor makes an STA request, the Departmental Timetabling Coordinator contacts the Chair to assign an appropriate category to the request. Then the Departmental Timetabling Coordinator enters the STA details into DCU (Data Unit Utility).

  • Category 1 (Legislative Requirements): Carleton Human Rights Policy
  • Category 2 (Reported Circumstances): A medical condition not covered by Category 1, Family/personal issues of a serious nature, other official academic responsibilities
  • Category 3 (May Accommodate): Category 3 requests will be considered and will be accommodated if possible

Instructions on how to enter STA information into the DCU

Examples of Special Timetabling Arrangement (STA) requests