Timetabling Working Group

Jamie Carmichael Associate Registrar, Scheduling & Systems
Julia Piatigorskaia Timetabling Officer, SES
Phay Mui Timetabling Coordinator, SES
Sharon Kennedy Sprott School of Business
Kristin Guth School for Studies in Art & Culture – FASS
Robin Dunbar Institute of Criminology and Criminal Justice – FPA
Sarah Cleary Department of Law and Legal Studies – FPA
Paula Whissell Department of Sociology and Anthropology – FASS
Mylien Reid School of Computer Science – Faculty of Science
Elena Munteanu Department of Chemistry – Faculty of Science
Caitlyn McKenzie Department of Chemistry – Faculty of Science
Ryan MacKay Department of Neuroscience – Faculty of Science
Gary Bazdell School of Mathematics and Statistics  – Faculty of Science
Sarah Anne Szabototh Department of Biology & Institute of Biochemistry – Faculty of Science
Alana Brzozowski Undergraduate Academic Support Office – FED
Payal Chadha Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering – FED
Dawn Bjornson Department of Economics – FPA
Meghan Innes School of Public Policy and Administration- FPA
Irene Helder Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering – FED
John Tracey Department of Cognitive Science – FASS
Krysia Kotarba School of Journalism and Communication – FPA