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Mehdi Ammi

Health economics; applied econometrics; applied microeconomics

Phone:613-520-2600 x 3227
Office:5129 Richcraft Hall

Associate Professor

Mehdi Ammi is on sabbatical from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020.

BA in Economics (Université de Bourgogne, France)
MA in Economics (Université de Bourgogne, France)
PhD in Economics, highest honors (Laboratoire d’Économie et Gestion – CNRS and Université de Bourgogne, France)

Dr. Ammi’s research spans health economics, applied microeconometrics, and health policy. His research is primarily quantitative, using a variety of methods (e.g., choice experiments) and data sources (e.g., survey and administrative data). He also uses other approaches, such as synthesis and comparative case studies, to study health policy relevant questions in Canada and abroad.

In Canada, about 1 in 10 dollars is spent on health care and the share of provincial budgets allocated to health is above 40% in the majority of provinces. However, the Canadian health care system performance is far from being impressive, by international standards. This raises the question of the correct allocation of resources, a question of obvious interest to me. I am particularly interested in studying health care from the supply-side. Primary care is a pillar of health care systems, and an area of particular interest for me given the multiplicity of reforms and the ongoing issues of accessibility of care in Canada. In a relatively new line of research, I examine another supply-side policy, the regionalization of health care, which has (surprisingly) not yet been rigorously evaluated. Finally, I also investigate the health inequalities observed across levels of educational attainment. Studying the relationships between health and education reminds me why I became first interested in health when I was a graduate student: health, like education, is a crucial human resource.

Selected funded research

2015-2017. The impact of regionalization on health care accessibility in Canada, Principal Investigator, SSHRC Internal Development Grant, $ 9,700

2015-2016. Disentangling the relationships between health and education: Canadian evidence, Principal Investigator (Co-PI: Aurélie Lecocq), Canadian Research Data Centre Network, $12,000

2014-2018. Transforming community-based primary health care delivery through comprehensive performance measurement and reporting, Co-Investigator (PIs: Sabrina Wong, William Hogg, Fred Burge), Canadian Institutes of Health Research, $2,500,000

Selected publications

Ammi M., Diop M., Strumpf E. 2019. “Explaining primary care physicians’ decision to quit patient-centered medical homes: evidence from Quebec, Canada.” Health Services Research (doi: 10.1111/1475-6773.13120. 54(2):367-378.

Ammi, M., Ambrose S., Hogg W., Wong S. 2017. “The influence of registered nurses and nurse practitioners on patient experience with primary care: results from the Canadian QUALICO-PC study.” Health Policy 121(12):1215-1224

Strumpf E, Ammi M, Diop M, Fiset-Laniel J, Tousignant P. 2017 “The Impact of Team-Based Primary Care on Health Care Services Utilization and Costs: Quebec’s Family Medicine Groups.” Journal of Health Economics 55C: 76-94

Ammi M. and Fortier G. 2017. “The Influence of Welfare Systems on Pay-for-Performance Programs for General Practitioners: A Critical Review.” Social Science & Medicine 178: 157-166

Ammi M. and Peyron C., 2016. “Heterogeneity in general practitioners’ preferences for quality improvement programs: a choice experiment and policy simulation in France.” Health Economics Review, 6:44

Lecocq A., Ammi M. and Bellarbre E., 2014, « Le score de propension : un guide méthodologique pour les recherches expérimentales et quasi-expérimentales en éducation ». (Propensity scores: a methodological guide for quasi-experiments in education.) Mesure et évaluation en éducation 37(2): 69-100

Recent teaching

Microeconomics for Policy Analysis

Research Methods and Design II (Quantitative)

Economics and Health Policy

Health Policy in Canada

Recent supervisions (PhD)

2015- : Payment for Environmental Services: the Social Dimension, Public Policy, Carleton University. In Progress. Role: Committee member

2014- : Unmet Health Care and Health Care Utilization, Economics, University of Ottawa. In Progress. Role: Committee member

2014- : Roles of Information Asymmetry in Quebec Health Care System Performance, Public Policy, Carleton University. In Progress. Role: Committee member

Directed Studies

2016: Social Accountability in Canadian Health Care Delivery: Lessons from the United Kingdom and the United States, Carleton University. Completed. Role: Supervisor

2014: Changes to the Pap Smear test Guidelines in Ontario: Economic, Clinical or Gender Reasons, Carleton University. Completed. Role: Supervisor

Honours Research Essay

2014-2015: Physicians Pay-for-Performance and Welfare States, Kroeger College. Completed. Role: Supervisor

Recent awards and distinctions

  1. Canadian Institutes of Health Research Travel Award