About this Research Theme

Philanthropy – the use of private resources for public purposes – is an important complement to the work of governments and an essential means of building inclusive, resilient communities. Nonprofits provide a wide range of services that our society depends upon; they enable citizens, as volunteers and members, to engage with each other; and they serve as advocates for social change. Research in this area focuses on the effective management of philanthropic and non-profit organizations.


Recent Publications

PANL Perspectives

PANL Perspectives is run by SPPA faculty who contribute to Carleton University’s Master of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership program, as well as by the program’s alumni and students, and practitioners and leaders in the philanthropic and nonprofit sector. We create and curate evidence-based information from research, reports and experts around the world.

The philanthropy and nonprofit sector in Canada is ever-changing and it can be hard to keep track of information from the sector. PANL Perspectives offers news and insights for the philanthropy and nonprofit sector in Canada. The editors and editorial team produce and gather evidence-based stories, original interviews and insider reflections about shifting power relationships in the sector, ethics in philanthropy and fundraising, the role of private foundations, and much more.

PANL Perspectives