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Nathan Grasse

Nonprofit finance and financial management; governance and leadership; and strategic management

Phone:613-520-2600 x 4177
Office:5125 Richcraft Hall

Associate Professor

Bachelor of Science (BS) (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, United States)
MPA (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, United States)
PhD in Political Science (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, United States)

Nathan focuses on the governance of public-serving organizations, including associations between governance and financial management. This includes the study of revenue structures, the potential conditioning effects of organizational and environmental factors, and the implications of strategic choices on financial health and other organizational outcomes.

Despite the crucial role charities play addressing social problems, enhancing representation, and delivering services in their communities, we have much more to learn about the effective management of these organizations. For example, when managing their finances, charitable organizations may be forced to rely on their own history, anecdotal information, or literature borrowed from other sectors to guide their decisions. My work focuses on enhancing our knowledge in the areas of financial management and governance. 

Selected recent publications

“Modern Portfolio Theory and Nonprofit Arts Organizations: Identifying the Efficient Frontier.” Nathan J. Grasse, Kayla Whaley, and Douglas M. Ihrke.  Forthcoming (Available OnlineFirst 2015), Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly.

“Applying Biological Theory to the Cooperative Behavior of Nonprofit Organizations.” Nathan J. Grasse and Kevin Ward.  In Advancing Collaboration Theory: Models, Typologies, and Evidence (2015). J. Morris and K. Miller-Stevens (Eds.).  Routledge Press, an imprint of the Taylor and Francis Group.

“Understanding the Compensation of Nonprofit Executive Directors: Examining the Influence of Performance and Organizational Characteristics.” Nonprofit Management and Leadership (2014). 24(3):377-398.  Nathan J. Grasse, Trenton J. Davis, and Douglas M. Ihrke.

“City Managers’ Leadership Credibility: Explaining the Variations of Self-Other Assessments.” Public Administration Quarterly. (2014) Nathan J. Grasse, Brianne Heidbreder, and Douglas M. Ihrke. 38.4: 544-572.

“Organized Interests and Administrative Rulemaking: the State of Wisconsin’s Lobbyists and Coalitions.” Nathan J. Grasse, Brett Curry, and Brianne Heidbreder. Forthcoming (Available OnlineFirst 2015), Journal of Public Affairs.

Recent teaching

Finances for Philanthropy and the Nonprofit Sector

Organizational Theory

Organizational Development