The Program

We live in an era of profound economic, social, technological and environmental challenges. Our students rise to the challenge of addressing complex issues. The Master of Public Policy and Administration prepares students to interpret and apply input form diverse sources, identify tradeoffs and ethical concerns, and make evidence-based recommendations. Through course work, co-op opportunities, professional workshops and extensive networking opportunities, our graduates become versatile, analytical and independent thinkers who are well-connected, informed and ready for careers working in or engaging with the public sector.

Student Journals

Carleton Perspectives on Public Policy (CPoPP) is the School of Public Policy and Administration’s (SPPA) student-run, peer-reviewed, academic journal. The goals of CPoPP are to expand the student publications within SPPA, create a platform for dialogue about policy issues and provide students with the opportunity to engage in the peer-review and production process.

ISEMA: Perspectives on Innovation, Science & Environment is a student-organized, annually published academic journal showcasing some of the best and brightest young minds studying sustainability at Carleton’s School of Public Policy & Administration.


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