Currently enrolled in the Master of Philanthropy and Non-profit Leadership Program? Resources on this page like degree requirements, professional development opportunities, information on awards and funding for students and more, are designed to help current students navigate and excel in their program of study.

Current Students

Resources on this page are designed to help current students navigate and excel in their program of study. Read through these resources and reach out to the graduate administrator if you have questions.

Degree Requirements

All the degree requirements for the Graduate Diploma and Master of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership are outlined in the Graduate Calendar. Further information on these programs can be found on the PNL program information page.

For a list of forms you may need while completing your program, please refer to the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs (FGPA) Forms and Policies webpage.

Directed Studies

The Directed Studies course (PANL 5791) constitutes a 0.5 credit course that allows students in the MPNL program to examine an eligible topic under the direction of a faculty member, normally from the School of Public Policy and Administration. Prior to registration, students are required to complete the Directed Studies Guidelines and Procedures form and send the completed form to the Graduate Supervisor for approval.

Online Learning Supports

Carleton offers support for your online learning experience through a dedicated website that provides you with resources and tips and tricks for getting the most from your online courses. Whatever your level of familiarity is with online learning platforms, we recommend looking at Carleton Online to ensure you are best positioned for your courses.

You can also learn about the various faculty members, instructors, adjuncts and fellows that contribute to the program by reviewing our PNL people page.

To stay up to date on the latest news and upcoming deadlines for graduate students, visit the FGPA News page.

Professional Development

Carleton wants graduate students to excel in their programs of study. The FGPA offers ongoing professional development programming to develop your skills in writing, presenting, research planning and more. They offer one-on-one support as well as regularly scheduled workshops.

Awards and Funding

Carleton offers a variety of funding opportunities to our students. New and current students can apply for several internal, external and special awards. Application deadlines vary. Students should consult the specifics of the awards to understand the eligibility requirements, application materials, and necessary internal deadlines. More information on these opportunities can be found on the Graduate Students website.

Professional Network

Your time with us is about more than your courses. Your classmates and the practitioners and instructors you meet will become part of your professional network. Our Summer Institute serves as a first opportunity to build ties, but there are ongoing opportunities to be engaged and to learn from one another. Useful resources to help you grow and strengthen your professional network follow.

  • Each year, we produce a cohort book that provides information on every student in the PNL program. Take a look at these to learn more about the unique and incredible experiences students bring to the program.
  • The program has an advisory council that ensures we stay informed about emerging trends and issues that matter for professionals in the philanthropic and nonprofit sectors. You can read more about our advisory council members on the PNL website.
  • PANL Perspectives is becoming a forum for discussing key trends and issues within the philanthropic and nonprofit sectors. Keep up to date on events and news that matter to the sector by reading the content generated by the PANL Perspectives team.
  • Carleton launched the Centre for Community Engagement in 2021 as an effort to support community engagement priorities set out in Carleton’s Strategic Integrated Plan. Have a look at the Centre’s website to learn more about ongoing opportunities and a chance to add your voice to these efforts.

Career Services

Carleton’s career services website is a wealth of information and opportunities for students looking for help with job searches or career advice. Career services offers one-on-one advising sessions, help with job searches, and career and networking events.