Data science is the next frontier of information technology. Students who are interested in understanding how to analyze and use ‘big data’ sets collected by governments, industry, NGOs etc. can apply to the Specialization in Data Science when submitting their application to the MPPA. There is limited space in the specialization and not all interested applicants admitted to the MPPA will be admitted to the specialization.

MPPA students in the Data Science Specialization are required to take the same 10 core courses as other MPPA students. In the place of the 4 electives in the MPPA, they are required to take:

  • DATA 5000 [0.5] – Data Science Seminar
  • PADM 5218 [0.5] – Analysis of Socio-economic Data (or equivalent course approved by Graduate Supervisor, MPPA)
  • A 0.5 data science elective
  • A 0.5 free elective (does not have to be Data Science)

Please consult the description in the Graduate Calendar.

It is more complicated to organize a timetable for students in the Data Science Specialization because DATA 5000 and PADM 5218 are only offered in specific terms. Please consult with the Graduate Supervisor, MPPA when planning your schedule.