Students in the Indigenous Policy and Administration (IPA) programs can follow one of two paths — a graduate diploma or a master’s concentration.

1. Graduate Diploma in IPA

The graduate diploma in IPA will interest individuals who want specialized or continuous learning to strengthen their conceptual and technical skills relevant to Indigenous public policy and administration.  They might include working professionals who wish to take advantage of the courses being delivered through the intensive Summer Institute or online. They might include students who are enrolled in other graduate programs at Carleton University and who wish to work in areas of Indigenous policy and administration. These students may take the Diploma concurrently with their degree.

The Diploma in IPA consists of six courses delivered through an intensive on-campus IPA Summer Institute held at Carleton University during the first two weeks of June (PADM 5711 and PADM 5713), and online. There are two types:

Diploma for professional development

This Diploma (Type 3) will be of interest to individuals who are working in or with Indigenous organizations and governments, or preparing to do so, and who seek relevant graduate level training in policy and administration.

Diploma for current Carleton students

This Diploma (Type 2) is for Carleton students who are already enrolled in other graduate programs, and who wish to work in this area.  Students can complete this Diploma concurrently with their other graduate degree.

Graduates of either of the Diplomas in IPA who are later admitted to the MA in Public Administration can subsequently apply most of their IPA courses toward the MA degree.

2. Master of Public Policy and Administration (MPPA) with a Concentration in IPA

The Master of Public Policy and Administration (MPPA) with IPA concentration will interest individuals who want a professionally-relevant academic degree that equips them for careers in the public service, working in or with Indigenous governments or organizations.

The MPPA at Carleton University is a 14-course program that can be completed in four terms of full-time study or through part-time study. Generally, the MPPA requires at a minimum two terms of on-site residency at Carleton University, in order to complete the core courses. The IPA elective requires that students take four elective courses in Indigenous Policy and Administration. Depending on availability, co-op opportunities are available for full-time MPPA students.

The Carleton Advantage

  • Being in the nation’s capital, home to most of the national Indigenous organizations as well as federal government offices and agencies, is an important advantage for IPA students.
  • Carleton has long been a leader in cross-discipline and interdisciplinary programs. The IPA programs will take advantage of expertise provided by leaders in a number of different areas including financial management, law, social policy, economic and sustainable development, as well as public and environmental management.
  • Full-time MPPA students taking the IPA concentration will be eligible for scholarship funding through Carleton University’s Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs. Bursaries may be available for Diploma students.

Possible Career Paths

Management and administrative positions in a variety of organizations:

  • First Nation, Inuit and Métis governments
  • First Nation, Inuit and Métis organizations
  • Federal departments, Provincial or territorial ministries that work closely with Indigenous communities or groups
  • NGO, non-profit organizations and institutions that work closely with indigenous communities or groups
  • Government and Indigenous relations for private sector companies that work with First Nation, Inuit and Métis communities
  • Consulting firms that work closely with indigenous communities, organizations and governments