Photo of Ian Bron

Ian Bron

PhD Candidate: Institutional barriers to whistleblowing regimes in Westminster governments

Ian Bron is a PhD in Public Policy student at Carleton University studying the phenomenon of whistleblowing in Westminster political systems. His research focusses on determining how institutions influence the reactions of those who receive reports of wrongdoing, either positively or negatively. More broadly, he has an interest in accountability and transparency in both the public and private sectors. He hopes his findings will inform the design of systems that protect concerned individuals from reprisal and help organizations develop speak-up cultures in order to prevent or stop misconduct before it can cause serious damage.

A former whistleblower himself, he has advised many people with concerns in the workplace. He is a founding member of Anti-corruption and Accountability Canada and Whistleblowing Canada, and is active with the Ryerson University Centre for Free Expression.

His career has spanned a number of roles: naval officer, educator, federal government regulator, and program evaluation team leader. He is a graduate of the Royal Military College of Canada (BA (Hons)) and the University of Ottawa (BEd, MEd).


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