Photo of Madina Junussova

Madina Junussova

PhD Graduate

Madina Junussova obtained PhD in Public Policy at the School of Public Policy and Administration of Carleton University (Canada) in 2018. Since 2010, Madina has a Candidate Degree (equivalent to PhD) in Urban Planning from the Kazakh National Technical University, and since 2003 a Master Degree from the Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering in Architecture and Urban Design (Kazakhstan).

Madina Junussova is the successful graduate of the Central Asian Faculty Development Program of University of Central Asia (UCA) and currently working at the Institute of Public Policy and Administration of UCA. She is instructing three core courses of the Executive Masters in Economic Policy (MEP100 Policy Process, MEP102 Methods of Policy Analysis, and MEP103 Policy Monitoring and Evaluation). In 2016, she developed a training package and conducted an intensive training on Local Economic and Private Sector Development for trainers from Afghanistan. In 2015, she was one of the instructors who developed and taught the module on Research Methods for Policy Analysis in the framework of the Certificate Programme in Policy Analysis (CPPA) for civil servants from the Ministry of Finance of Afghanistan.

Madina Junussova is a National Delegate (representing Kazakhstan and Central Asia) of the International Society of City and Regional Planner with 10 years of international and 15 years of national experience in planning and management of urban and regional development. Her research interests include urban policy, local economic and community development, rational use of local resources, governance and sustainability. In 2017, she contributed to the development of the OECD report on Urban Policy Review of Kazakhstan. In 2018, she served as an Expert Member of the External Reference Group of the Children Rights and Urban Planning Initiative of UNICEF.