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Marc-André Gagnon

Social and health policy; pharmaceutical policy; innovation policy; science and technology studies; political economy; history of economic thought

Phone:613-520-2600 x 1690
Office:5201 Richcraft Hall

Associate Professor

Teaching Concentrations: Policy Analysis, Innovation, Science and Environment
Courses Taught: 
Introduction to State and Society, Social Policy, Pharmaceutical Policy, History of Economic Thought (at Kroeger College)

Areas of Expertise

  • Social and Health Policy
  • Political Economy and History of Economic Thought
  • Pharmaceutical Policy and Regulation
  • Science and Technology Studies
  • Innovation policy and Intellectual Property

Current Research

My empirical research focuses mainly on the political economy of the pharmaceutical sector. I analyze the dominant business models at work in the knowledge-based economy, innovation policies and intellectual property in Canada, corporate influence over scientific research and over doctors’ prescribing habits, as well as comparative regimes of health insurance and Pharmacare..

From a more theoretical standpoint relating to economic thought, my research analyzes capital accumulation and corporate competition from an institutional economics approach. I analyze capital not in terms of productivity or as “means of production” but, instead, as any socio-political power increasing firms’ earning-capacity. From this perspective, firms capitalize not only their productive capacity but also their capacities and their business network powers to influence laws, public policies, culture and socio-institutional settings in order to accrue monopolistic differential gains.


I hold a PhD in Political Science from York University and a Masters of Advanced Study in History of Economic Thought from Paris-1 Sorbonne and Ecole Normale Superieure de Fontenay/St-Cloud. I did my post-doc with the Centre for Intellectual Property Policy at McGill University’s Faculty of Law, and with the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard University.


Refereed Journal Articles

PhD Dissertation

  • The Nature of Capital in the Knowledge-Based Economy: The Case of the Global Pharmaceutical Industry. York University (political science), 2009.


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