Photo of Richard Paton

Richard Paton

Adjunct Professor and Instructor
Website:RP Non Profit Performance Consultants

Richard Paton has developed and taught a unique management course over a period of 30 years in the MPPA program. The course, The Politics of Management, is a practical management course based on current management literature and cases that Richard has authored.  The course aims to assist student to assess management challenges and develop effective strategies to achieve results. In 2013, Richard published a textbook for the course, The Politics of Management: Thinking Like a Manager.

Richard has extensive experience as a senior executive in both the federal government and in the non profit sector. He has 35 years experience as a manager. Before he left the federal government, he was Assistant Secretary and Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Board from 1988-1996 and led the Treasury Board work on two program reviews in 1995 and 1996. From 1996-2015, Richard was President of the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada, which is a major business association in Canada and a leader in sustainability through Responsible Care.

As a graduate of Carleton (MA Canadian Studies, 1975) and the J.F. Kennedy School of Government (1981) Richard combines his academic background in management with his extensive experience as an executive in government and the non profit sector. His research and publishing interests are focused on how to lead and manage government and non profit organizations especially the role of Presidents of non profits and the challenges for first time managers.

Richard is now teaching a second course on leading non profit organizations which was delivered over an intensive one week format in June 2015. This unique course was based on his research on the challenges of leading associations and two books he published in 2015: Leading Business Associations: Making Successful Transitions, and What Makes an Effective Association; Benchmarking for Performance. (CSAE, 2015). This course involves students of the Philanthropy and NonProfit Leadership program, students in the MPPA program as well as professional development participants who are working in associations and non profits. It is expected that this course will be provided on an annual basis using the same one-week format and that Richard will provide a continuing contribution to the MNPL program by assisting students with group projects.