Photo of Carola Ramos-Cortez

Carola Ramos-Cortez

Postdoctoral Fellow

Carola Ramos-Cortez is a postdoctoral fellow working with Dr. Stephan Schott on the FISHES (Fostering Indigenous Small‐scale fisheries for Health, Economy, and food Security) project, in the School of Public Policy and Administration. Her research interests include social and environmental changes and its impacts on Indigenous livelihoods, through the lenses of human-environment relationships and state-society relations. Her work draws on decolonial theories and methodologies, with a social conceptualization of space and a feminist epistemological stance.

She holds a PhD degree in Geography from Queen’s University; and previously received a Master’s in Planning from Queen’s University and a law degree from Catholic University of Peru. In her dissertation she investigated the process of construction of Indigenous territorial and economic autonomy in the northwest Peruvian Amazon, through a case study and qualitative research methods, focusing on the limits and possibilities of emancipatory transformation for Indigenous peoples.

Prior to joining Carleton, she was a postdoctoral fellow in Political Science at Ontario Tech University, where she investigated the process of decolonizing social services by a First Nation organization in Northern Ontario and the conditions under which decolonizing processes can take place and influence upon public policies.