Photo of Gene Swimmer

Gene Swimmer

Professor Emeritus
Office:5130 Richcraft Hall

Emeritus Professor

BA in Economics (City College of New York, United States)
MA in Economics (University of Chicago, United States)
PhD in Labour Economics (Cornell University, United States)

Gene Swimmer’s research has been in the forefront of Canadian public sector labor relations and collective bargaining for the past twenty five years.

My major research focus has been on the interaction of economics and politics that surround the relationships of governments and their employees, with an emphasis on process and outcomes of collective bargaining.  Many studies have dealt with the ways that the Federal and Provincial governments have attempted to limit their employee compensation in periods of financial restraint.

Selected recent publications and funded research

The Ottawa Syndrome- The Localization of Federal Public Services in Canada” (with K. Graham), Canadian Public Administration, September 2009, pp. 417-437

“Federal Public Sector Labour Relations under the Liberals and Conservative Governments” (with T. Bartkiw), How Ottawa Spends 2007-08, B. Doern (ed.), McGill Queens University Press, pp. 200-219

Economic Analysis of Human Services Cost to 2031- Recommendations for Enhancing Human Services Planning in the Regional Municipality of York, (with Allan Maslove and Elaina Mack) Regional Municipality of York: Newmarket, ON, September 2010, pp. 1-97. (2007-2010 $75,000)

“The Future of Public Sector Unions in Canada,” (with T. Bartkiw), Journal of  Labor Research, XXIV:579-595, 2003.

“Restructuring Federal Public Service Human Resources,” (with Sandra Bach),  in Swimmer (ed.) Public Sector Labour Relations in an Era of Restraint and Restructuring, (Oxford University Press, 2001), p. 178-211. 

Recent teaching

Quantitative Methods for Public Policy and Evaluation

PhD supervision

Timothy Bartkiw, “Manufacturing Descent?  An Analysis of the Impact of Labour Law on Union Organizing Activities in Ontario,” September 2001 – August 2006


The Gérard Dion Award from the Canadian Industrial Relations Association in recognition of the recipient’s outstanding contribution to the discipline (2004)