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Join the Carleton community Thursday, January 4 to Friday, January 12, 2024, as we launch the Ask Me campaign. We’re excited to welcome students (back) to campus for a new term! This is an opportunity to help Ravens navigate campus and to remind students of services and resources to support their success.

You can help welcome new and returning students to Carleton by requesting a button to wear and a sign to display in your office. You can also download digital Ask Me buttons and banners for your social media profile.

Request Your Buttons and Sign

Materials requests closed in December 2023. Thank you for supporting the Ask Me campaign!

About Ask Me

The Ask Me campaign is designed to heighten the sense of community at Carleton and, through the support of as many faculty and staff as possible, help contribute to making all students feel part of a caring community. The campaign aims to help new and returning students make a successful transition to university by ensuring they feel comfortable contacting faculty and staff for any questions or assistance they might need.

Each year, faculty and staff join the campus community in welcoming new students while also requesting student support resources for their offices and departments. Visit our Supporting Our Students page or use the Service Search on the Current Students website to help connect students to services.

You are encouraged to wear the Ask Me button and post a sign in your office and add the virtual version to your office or department’s social media. New and returning students will be encouraged to ask community members displaying the Ask Me button for assistance or guidance.

Important Tips

  • Check out the Supporting Our Students page to explore resources and services designed to help you support students throughout their university experience.
  • Keep up to date with all student news, events, services and important dates on the Current Student website.
  • Students should download Carleton Mobile, our mobile app for current students, which allows them to view their schedule, access grades and receive emergency notifications.
  • Encourage students to use the Carleton360 Student Portal, accessible via the Current Students website. This complete student experience hub provides one-stop, easy access to Carleton Central, cMail and Brightspace.
  • Remember that when contacting Carleton, students must use their Carleton email account.

Support Resources

Check out the student site at students.carleton.ca for answers to other questions like:

  • How can students get involved to become part of the Carleton community?
  • When are fall and winter break?
  • Why do students need a Campus Card?
  • What resources are there to help guarantee student success during this school year?
  • Can someone from Carleton be contacted online to help students cope with a family or academic crisis?

Download Your Digital Ask Me Button

You can download digital Ask Me buttons and profile banners for your personal or office social media profile. Students can be directed to students.carleton.ca for student news, events, important dates and support services.

Download the Ask Me! sign

Download pillar specific Ask Me! buttons

Download Ask Me! banners

Once you have access if you have any trouble downloading the Ask Me button, profile banner or any of the other resource materials or if you have any questions about the Ask Me campaign, please email askme@carleton.ca.