1. Student Support Resources
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    2. Student Referral Form
    3. Supporting Students in Distress
    4. Resource Guide for Mental Health and Wellness
    5. Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Violence
    6. Formally Reporting an Experience of Sexual Violence
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  3. Additional Mental Health Resources
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    2. Counselling Services
    3. Residence Counselling Services
    4. Submit a Care Report

One of the aims of the Office of the Vice-President (Students and Enrolment) at Carleton is to support students in all aspects of student life. Together our offices provide programs and services that promote positive mental health and assist students with realizing their full potential. This environment is one in which students are engaged in their academic pursuits and the co-curricular life of the university, enabling students to succeed in their studies, graduate and continue on to pursue meaningful and productive post-university experiences.

Student Support Resources

Student Referral Guide

The Student Referral Guide has been designed to help members of the Carleton community learn about the wide range of services and programs aimed at helping students throughout their time at Carleton and to quickly refer students to the appropriate office.

Download the Student Referral Guide (PDF, 1 MB)

Student Referral Form

The printable Student Referral Form is designed to help front-line staff refer students to the appropriate support office. The form features a section for notes for the office which is receiving the referral and a campus map to help direct the student along the way. Support offices, departments and units are encouraged to print this document as required.

Download the Student Referral Form (PDF, 1 MB)

Supporting Students in Distress

As members of the Carleton University community, we all have a concern for the mental health and wellness of our students. The Supporting Students in Distress guide outlines how to recognize when a student is in distress and how to respond effectively to a student needing support.

Download the Supporting Students in Distress (PDF, 834 KB)

Resource Guide for Mental Health and Wellness

Carleton provides a wide variety of accessible resources and services that allow students to maximize and manage their mental health and wellness. This Resource Guide for Mental Health and Wellness is meant to be flexible where students are able to use supports in combination or move through the guide as needed.

Download the Resource Guide for Mental Health and Wellness (PDF, 775 KB)

You can also explore the interactive Resource Guide on the Mental Health and Wellness website.

Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Violence

If someone discloses an experience of sexual violence to you, your reaction can impact what they choose to do next. The Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Violence guide outlines the definitions and impacts of sexual violence and how to respond to a disclosure.

Download the Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Violence (PDF, 814 KB)

Formally Reporting an Experience of Sexual Violence

If someone has experienced sexual violence, they have a choice as to what they choose to do next. Survivors are the experts in their own lives. Should a survivor choose to file a formal complaint under the Sexual Violence Policy, this step-by-step guide outlines the formal complaint process.

Download the Formally Reporting an Experience of Sexual Violence (PDF, 731 KB)

Request Documents

If you did not receive the 2023-2024 Student Referral Guide in interoffice mail or would like to request copies of this and other documents, please use the form below.

Additional Mental Health Resources

Wellness Website

The Mental Health and Wellness website provides students with valuable tools and resources to understand, manage and improve their mental health and well-being while at university. The student experience at Carleton expands beyond academics, our students balance transitions, relationships, academic commitments, financial pressures, and extra-curricular activities and this website introduces students to skills they need to explore their mental health and support a friend in distress. Students can also use the Wellness Services Navigator to create a curated list of mental health and wellness resources that are available both on and off campus.

Counselling Services

Confidential personal counselling services are available for current Carleton University students. The Counselling team is here to support students through their journey at Carleton. Our counsellors understand students can face unique challenges and barriers and are here for them. Students can self-refer to counselling.

To make an appointment for counselling:

Health and Counselling Services is now offering online booking for intake appointments only.

Residence Counselling Services

Residence Counselling and Wellness is a satellite office of Health and Counselling Services open exclusively to Carleton students living in residence during the Fall and Winter terms. The office is located in 131 Renfrew Building (on the main floor, close to the rear entrance).

Submit a Care Report

If you are concerned about a student and are looking to connect them with resources and support, you are encouraged to submit a Care Report. The Care and Support team will reach out as required and provide the appropriate support and guidance to the student.