1. About the Sexual Violence Policy
  2. Read the Policy
  3. Annual Report
  4. Sexual Violence Policy Review

About the Sexual Violence Policy

As a community, Carleton University supports and is committed to maintaining a positive learning, working and living environment where sexual violence will not be tolerated and is treated with the seriousness it deserves. Carleton acknowledges that individuals who are members of equity-seeking groups who experience intersecting forms of disadvantage based on the protected grounds in the Ontario Human Rights Code may be disproportionately affected by sexual violence and its consequences. The purpose of this Policy is to articulate Carleton University’s commitment to a safe, supportive and healthy campus and to confirm its commitment to provide support to those members directly affected by sexual violence.

This Policy is also intended to:

  1. Set out the University’s statement of values and commitments to address sexual violence;
  2. Provide information about supports and services available at Carleton University and in the community;
  3. Ensure follow-up once a report is made to the University;
  4. Provide information about the University’s process for responding to and addressing incidents and complaints of sexual violence;
  5. Meet the University’s obligations under the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Act with respect to sexual violence, sexual harassment, and workplace sexual harassment; and,
  6. Reinforce and enhance the Carleton University Statement on Conduct and Human Rights and related policies and procedures addressing sexual violence, sexual harassment and workplace sexual harassment.

This Policy applies to all members of the University community (as defined below), whether they are in the University’s learning, living or work environment, on or off campus, or interacting through social or other electronic media. This Policy does not replace or supersede existing collective agreement provisions.

Read the Policy

Carleton’s revised Sexual Violence Policy was passed by the Carleton Board of Governors on April 25, 2019. The Policy can be viewed at: Sexual Violence Policy (pdf).

Annual Report

The Sexual Violence Policy mandates that an annual report is presented to the Board for information.

Sexual Violence Policy Review

After the first year of Carleton University’s Sexual Violence Policy, we have heard feedback from key stakeholders. While the Policy has allowed enough flexibility to support survivors, so far, while balancing the requirement for procedural fairness, there are opportunities to further clarify policy language.

In order to do this in the most collaborative way possible, Equity and Inclusive Communities, in partnership with the Office of the Vice-President (Students and Enrolment) (OVPSE), have set up a consultation website on the Sexual Violence Policy review process. We look forward to working collaboratively with the entire community in this review process and encourage the community to submit feedback which can be provided on the Sexual Violence Policy Consultation website, or by contacting them by email.