Past Event! Note: this event has already taken place.

When: Wednesday, March 6th, 2024
Time: 11:00 am — 12:00 pm

Explore innovation in the context of teaching and researching the Sustainable Development Goals. You will hear from a distinguished panel with a strong background in teaching and researching sustainability including: course development, experiential learning, examples of work related to the UN SDGs happening on campus, and innovative work incorporating SDGs in teaching and research.

Panel Speakers:

Rob Smart – Instructor, Management
Irene Lu – Associate Professor, Marketing
Ernest Kwan – Associate Professor, Supply Chain Management
Jinsun Bae – Assistant Professor, International Business
Leanne Keddie – Assistant Professor, Accounting

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Speaker Biographies:

Rob Smart
Rob will provide an overview of his work with experiential learning projects as related to access to water, food, education, and supporting local industries in Northern communities and Africa.

Irene Lu
Irene Lu is an Associate Professor of Marketing. Irene has developed the new Sustainability Marketing course examining the roles of marketing in a sustainable society and advancing organizations’ economic success while creating positive impacts on the environment and society. Her research primarily investigates sustainable consumer behaviour.

Ernest Kwan
Dr. Ernest Kwan is an Associate Professor at the Sprott School of Business. His recent research centers around sustainable consumption, with a specific focus on repurposed product consumption. He is also a co-investigator on a funded SSHRC project in the same domain.

Jinsun Bae
Jinsun’s research and teaching interests focus on the topic of responsible business in global supply chains. Her research looks at labour practices at the supplier level and managing corporate social responsibility (CSR) in developing countries.

Leanne Keddie
Leanne has developed the Sustainable Accounting course which offers an in-depth exploration of sustainability accounting, impact measurement and social finance. This provides for opportunity to learn about responsible business practices, including impact measurement and ESG investing. In her research, Leanne explores how executives are receiving bonuses on social and environmental goals (SDG 12), whether incentivizing executives of large corporations actually lowers carbon emissions (SDGs 12 & 13), how accounting plays a role in food waste at the retail level (e.g., grocery stores) as we transition to a circular economy (SDGs 2, 3, 10, 12 & 13) and how ‘value’ is determined for CCUNESCO sites in relation to natural and cultural capital (SDGs 13 & 15).