About Living Planet @ Campus

Carleton has partnered with WWF Canada for their Living Planet @ Campus program. This program engages post-secondary students, staff, and faculty in activities that contribute to habitat restoration, resulting in increased carbon storage in nature and expanded sustainable habitats for wildlife.

Getting Started

To gain access to the various resources and programs WWF Canada has to offer through the Living Planet @ Campus program, register for an account using the button below. Once registered, you will have access to a dashboard that provides information and resources about the many ways you can take action on campus through this program.

Register Here

Living Planet Leader Student Certification

The Living Planet Leader student certification allows students to build their skills and experience in sustainability and conservation, no matter their area of study. The certification can be obtained once you have completed the requirements from the four categories below:

Breakdown of Requirements for Each Category

Campus, Community or Global Volunteerism
Complete 40 volunteer hours in activities related to environmental sustainability through any organization on campus or in the community.

Personal Application of Sustainability
Complete 40 actions from the checklist of personal actions provided by WWF in your Living Planet Leader dashboard. You can also submit up to 5 of your own actions.

Academic Application of Sustainability
Complete at least 1 experience/course. This can be done by taking a course in environmental sustainability or applying sustainability to an existing course. You can also choose to complete a short reflection on how you can apply sustainability to your area of study/future career path.

Leadership & Teamwork
Complete at least one of the following experiences: lead or help develop a conservation initiative/project/event, participate in WWF’s Designing Change for a Living
Planet competition, or act as an executive member of a relevant student organization.

How To Get Started

1. Sign Up Here

Use the link above to sign up for the Living Planet Leader program and gain access to the dashboard.

2. Customize For You

Adapt the program requirements across the four categories to your interests as well as the availability of opportunities on campus, in the community and beyond. You can also choose to lead your own activities.

3. Record Your Efforts

As you complete the requirements, make sure you submit your results to your Living Planet Leader profile to keep records of your progress.

4. Submit Before The Deadline

Ensure all your category requirements are completed and submitted within three months after your final academic semester.

5. Show Off Your Certification

Once you receive your certification, you will be recognized on the Living Planet @ Campus website. You can also add it to your resume and LinkedIn!