At Carleton, we fully acknowledge the important role we have to play in developing the environmental and sustainable stewardship of our own academic and operational spheres of influence. We also have a distinct role to enable all our students to have the skills and knowledge to make positive sustainable change. In order to achieve these aims, the university will ensure that sustainability is applied as a driver that delivers wider strategic goals, whilst also enabling our decisions and actions to deliver on sustainable outcomes.

Find out more about how we are tackling this challenge, who we are, and the ideas and plans that guide us to do better.

Who We Are

Carleton has a number of dedicated staff and faculty, from across our campus, who are leading in implementing sustainability teaching, research, operations, and infrastructure. More

Campus Guide

There are several projects and programs across the campus that inform our Sustainability Program. You can take a self-guided tour using the Sustainable Campus Guide, and find out for yourself the key programs and developments. More

Plans, Policies and Reports

Carleton is committed to embedding continuous environmental and sustainable improvement to further enhance performance in all our operations. Our strategic plans and policies guide us, whereas our reporting mechanisms and external benchmarking allow us to share success and review commitments. More

Contact Us

Sustainability is everyone’s responsibility. The university aims to embed sustainability across all facilities, departments, student organizations and community developments. Sustainable Carleton, will work to connect you with both the right resources, people and programs within our campus. More