Energy and Emissions

The energy use and carbon emissions created by the university are significant. The university has set stretching targets towards reduction and in 2018 showed a 35% reduction in carbon emissions (2009 baseline). You can also play your part in helping Carleton meet our targets by simple actions such as turning lights off when you go home. LEARN MORE

Sustainable Buildings

Carleton University has committed to ensuring that all new construction and major renovations achieve a minimum rating of 3 out of 5 globes with the Green Globes Rating system. To date 11 buildings on campus have been certified to this standard. LEARN MORE


Carleton is committed to protecting and enhancing the ecosystems and green spaces the university owns, manages, or impacts, in order to improve biodiversity and support a landscape that will respond to future climate change. LEARN MORE


In 2018, Carleton reduced its water use by 19% in the previous 5 years. While your water use may be limited on campus, actions such as only boiling the water needed and reporting drips and leaks all help. LEARN MORE

Goods and Services

Did you know 24% of purchases made through our Dining Services are local, humane or ecological? Everyone should look to keep sustainability and environmental credentials in mind when purchasing goods and services. LEARN MORE

Waste and Recycling

Carleton continues to strive towards zero waste across campus. Everyone can contribute to both the amount of waste we produce and the amount we recycle. A really simple way is ensuring all waste is disposed of in the correct bin, this reduces contamination and ensures higher recycling levels. LEARN MORE

Travel and Transport

61% of our community get to campus by public transport, the highest percentage of colleges and universities in the National Capital Region. Getting to and from campus by sustainable means can be both convenient and cost effective. LEARN MORE

Food and Dining

We are continually refining our ability to offer options that take into account the environmental and social impacts of our food. Our sustainability efforts also extend past the food we serve. Our operations, are for example, committed to fighting waste in its many forms and embracing farm to fork, reflecting on the story behind each plate we serve so that it is one of environmental and social stewardship. LEARN MORE

Awards and Partnerships

Carleton University is a national leader in higher education sustainability and has been recognized both locally and globally for our efforts including ranking in the Top 50 globally in the UI Green Metric and a Silver rating AASHE STARS. LEARN MORE

Sustainability Data Dashboard

The links above go to pages with information on campus sustainability resources, highlighted efforts at Carleton and other information, in addition to data showing Carleton’s performance. To browse the data in these categories without the other information, go to our Data Dashboard. LEARN MORE