As a member of the Carleton University community, there is much that you can do to contribute to and enhance Carleton’s Sustainability programs.

There are a variety of ways that staff, faculty, and students can get involved in sustainability, from engagement programs and workplace certification to funding and educational experiences.

Click the buttons below to learn more about these opportunities and take the sustainability pledge further down to show your commitment to living a more sustainable lifestyle.

Sustainability Pledge

The purpose of the pledge is to put Carleton University’s sustainability commitment into action and to encourage individuals to respect, protect, and preserve our resources. By committing to the pledge, students, faculty, and staff can join forces with the University in our efforts to make Carleton more sustainable and ensure future generations on our campus will have the same opportunities that we have today.

The pledge is one step individuals can take to live more sustainably. It is tangible, pragmatic, and allows the Carleton community to make a long-lasting and positive impact in our community.

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