Carleton University is dedicated to fostering a culture of sustainability by increasing student engagement across the campus community. There are many ways for students to get involved with the various clubs, organizations, and initiatives on campus that focus on sustainability.

Campus Clubs and Organizations

Carleton University has a vibrant community of student groups that are dedicated to promoting sustainability and environmental awareness on campus. These groups offer a variety of opportunities for students to get involved in sustainability initiatives, including organizing events and campaigns, conducting research, and advocating for policy change.

Carleton University Geography Environmental Studies Student Association (CUGESA)

CUGESA is an association dedicated to enriching the education and university life experience of students with an interest in environmental studies and geography by: promoting involvement in campus activities, community services, and by acting as a support network for students within the department.

Environmental Science Student Association (ESSA)

ESSA is an academic society that brings together like-minded students from the Institute of Environmental Science to engage peers in activities such as social events, mentorship programs, and many other projects initiated through students’ ideas.

Sustainable & Renewable Energy Engineering Society (SREESoc)

SREESoc aims to promote the interests of sustainable and renewable energy related fields and applications and act as a bridge between students in the field of sustainable and renewable energy engineering and the sustainable and renewable energy industry.

Climate Action Carleton

Climate Action Carleton brings together clubs and students to address the climate emergency through concrete action and advocacy.

Climate Commons Carleton

The Carleton Climate Commons Working Group brings together faculty, staff, undergraduate and graduate students at Carleton University to discuss issues surrounding the climate crisis in relation to the humanities and social sciences, to share academic work, ideas, and resources.

Carleton University Reactors

Carleton University Reactors is a club that explores and learns about sustainable waste management systems and how they can be applied in different aspects of life. They provide opportunities for students in the form of hands-on experience in lab settings to seminars and lessons on waste management.

Engineers Without Borders Carleton

Engineers Without Borders is a Canadian international development nonprofit that seeks to address the crucial causes of poverty and inequality.

Global Minds Carleton

Global Minds Carleton positively impacts global issues through awareness campaigns, fundraisers and hands on volunteering. They directly respond to current issues plaguing our world today — ranging from climate change, poverty, homelessness, natural disaster, and more.

Parks Canada Outdoors Club of Carleton

The Parks Canada Outdoors Club of Carleton mission is to introduce members of the Carleton community to the Canadian outdoors in a fun and inclusive way.

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WWF Living Planet @Campus

Living Planet @ Campus is a partnership between Carleton Sustainability and World Wildlife Fund Canada (WWF Canada). WWF Canada is the largest international conservation organization in the country and is actively working towards reversing the decline of wildlife.

About Living Planet @ Campus

Living Planet @ Campus provides students with opportunities to take meaningful actions to protect the environment and improve sustainability practices within their own lives and on campus. The program offers a range of initiatives, such as community clean-ups, Earth Hour, and grant funding, and allows students to build their resumes while contributing to positive change. Additionally, through the program, students can earn WWF’s new Living Planet Leader designation, which is a self-guided certification.

Become a WWF Living Planet Leader at Carleton

The Living Planet Leader program is a self-guided program that allows students the flexibility to choose initiatives that are meaningful to them while building the skills and experiences needed in the field of sustainability. After completing all program requirements, students will receive a Living Planet Leader designation, which they can include on their resumes and LinkedIn profiles, and their names will be listed on WWF’s Living Planet @ Campus website as recognition for their dedication to sustainability.

In addition to the program, students can also apply for funding to lead projects at Carleton that are in line with the goals of the Energy and Sustainability Office. These projects can include initiatives related to waste reduction, sustainable transportation, energy conservation, and more. By leading these projects, students can gain valuable experience in project management, leadership, and sustainability while making a positive impact on the Carleton community.



The Living Planet Leader designation is open to all Carleton students, regardless of their academic background or career path.
Students must complete all program requirements below within three months of their final academic semester to earn their designation.


  1. Volunteering on campus or in the community to contribute to sustainable practices
  2. Applying sustainability principles to your personal life and in your academic work
  3. Demonstrating leadership and teamwork by leading projects or initiatives in your community or on campus.

How do you register?

Learn more about the Living Planet Leader program, including requirements and how to register, by visiting the Living Planet @ Campus website.

If you need assistance in bringing your sustainability ideas to life, please contact us at We are here to help!