What is a Physical Security System?

A Physical Security System (PSS) is a set of security measures that can be applied at facilities to safeguard or protect an organization’s assets-people-property and information. It is not aimed at a specific occupancy, but facilities and buildings in general.

3 Layers of Physical Security at Carleton University

Which components does my Department need?”

If you’re interested in a physical security system for your Department, complete and submit a Physical Security System Application.  As part of the Application process, CSS will schedule a Security Assessment to verify your Departmental requirements.

Please note that while it may not be feasible for Departments to implement all physical security systems recommendations all at once, it is important that the Department work with CSS to determine the best 1st system to install.

The Physical Security System Application and Assessments are free of charge.  Departments are responsible for the budget for their own Security System equipment, installations, maintenance and monitoring fees, as applicable.


Supply Chain issues and Hardware Delays

You may be aware of the serious shortages in global supplies of parts and materials currently affecting a great many industries around the world. These shortages — amongst other logistical issues —have affected the supplier of the Card Access equipment used at Carleton. In some instances, this has resulted in extensive delays in the fulfillment of orders. CBORD has not provided a timeline on when the issue will be fully resolved, but do not expect a return to normal this fiscal year.

FMP is estimating a 4-8 month installation time frame once the project work order has been submitted for all other non-card access security system equipment.