Housing & Residence

Instead of the traditional dormitory setup where an entire floor shares a communal bathroom, most residences at Carleton contain rooms connected by a bathroom shared only by the people who live in those rooms. In most cases, these rooms are shared by students with the same gender identity.

Gender neutral housing

Students can select gender neutral housing by requesting to share a gender inclusive pod/room/suite on their Residence Information form. If this option is selected, gender is not considered as a factor in the roommate selection process. This does mean that if you select this option, you may end up sharing a room with a student whose gender identity is different to yours.

Gender Neutral Washrooms in Residence

There are a number of gender neutral washrooms available within residence.

  • Glengarry House: each floor contains a gender neutral communal washroom, and floors 3-10 also have a private gender neutral washroom behind the elevator lobby.
  • Leeds House: 1st floor lobby (room 119)
  • Renfrew House: 1st floor across from the Residence Counselling office (room 142)
  • Russell House: 1st floor across from the Russell Triple Lounge (room 160).

To find gender-neutral washrooms across campus, click here.

Residence Fellows

Every floor in residence has a Residence Fellow, an upper-year student who works to make residence a safe and welcoming experience for everyone. Residence Fellows receive training on a wide variety of topics prior to the beginning of the school year, including on gender identity, expression, and how to make residence communities more trans inclusive. Residence Fellows are bound by confidentiality, so if you talk to them about your identity you know that it will not be shared with others without your consent. The Residence Fellow is also a good resource to talk to if you have experienced transphobia in residence.

For more information, you can visit the Housing and Residence Life Services website or email the Housing team.